The fruit is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Besides that, it’s refreshing and comes in a variety of tastes. But it’s also full of SUGAR! 

Naturally, we burn sugar for energy (unless you are in ketosis), so fruit is great all around, except for the sugar.

Because of everything mentioned above, I begin my MORNINGS with fruit (unless I’m going ketogenic). Also, the fruit is quickly dissolved and therefore easy on the stomach. 

You really DON’T want to eat fruit as a DESERT (after a meal) because then the fruit just sits there on a pile of everything you ate and may not get digested properly and causes bloating.

If you’re over 45, or prone to diabetes, I suggest supplementing every consumption of fruit or carbohydrate meal with 400-500mg of METFORMIN. Metformin really does wonders for me and several of my friends, so do read more about it on the net.

Good morning the sweet world, wherever you are
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