“I believe, if we are honest with ourselves, the most fascinating problem in the world is Who Am I. I don’t think there can be any more fascinating preoccupation than that.”
— Alan Watts

The unfinished book is a series of 5 short books, combined under one title:

The Unfinished Book About Who We Are

Each book represents one segment in our investigation of the world, of reality, and of who we truly are.

Book I. is scheduled for a release in summer 2017. Books II, III, IV and V will follow in 6-12 month intervals.

BOOK I, entitled  FIRST STEPS TO SELF-DISCOVERY, delivers an intoxicating summary of our knowledge and understandings about the “outer world”. The pages are filled with factual information, eye-opening insight, and backed by scientific and philosophical explanations necessary to grasp the interpretations and the debates proposed in subsequent books. In this first book of the series, we set-up important definitions and examine how we participate in the co-creation of reality, how knowledge is applied, and how we can make a difference in a determined world. You will be surprised to learn just how far we have come in our understanding of the Universe, and of the self. Literally, a whole new world awaits us! Please examine the index for a list of main headings.

In BOOK II, entitled LOOKING WITHIN, we look inward and explore the human faculties, which individually, and collectively, constitute the reality of who we feel, think and believe that we are. Here we address the essential tools and knowledge needed to clear away the emotional, psychological and spiritual clutter that litters our “inner world.” A truly revealing journey for anyone interested in delving into the mysterious self. Check out the index for the main headings.

In BOOK III, entitled THE ALCHEMY OF INTERPRETATION, we expand the subjects investigated in books I & II and, on the basis of our accumulated knowledge, explore new interpretations about how the world is put together and our place within it. Book III is a mind-boggling exploration of some of the biggest scientific, philosophical, religious and spiritual dilemmas, and offers food for thought for every person willing to go beyond the usual.

In BOOK IV, entitled DHARMA WARRIOR, we embrace the enormity of life, examine our spiritual path and the steps needed for continuous growth, and explore why we are destined never to arrive. We attempt to define the essence of true happiness and to explain the meaning of life. We also investigate the future and scrutinize our relationship with the highest truth, the Absolute.

In BOOK V, entitled ONE EXERCISE PER DAY, we provide hands-on suggestions about how to most beneficially implement the wisdom acquired in books I-IV, and how to employ it to design a quality life well into the nineties and beyond.

The unfinished book is not another book about consciousness, or how to achieve spiritual enlightenment, or about faith in the unexplainable. Too many have been written on these subjects. This is a book about the infinite potential we harbor within: how to understand it, how to unleash it and, through it, how to rediscover the truth about who we are. Grasping this truth is crucial to our every success, and to co-creating a happy, a meaningful and a fulfilling life.

Like you and me, this book has no ending, for it’s impossible to finish something that forever evolves, hence the book’s title, The Unfinished Book About Who We Are.

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