Energy is everything and everything is energy.
We, human beings, are compositions of energy. What we call LIVING is simply a process of energy changing, while DEATH is a word that signals a major energy transformation.
In short, we are energy and we need energy for everything. Therefore, it’s important we manage our energy efficiently.
Some people are ENERGY VAMPIRES! They steal and feed on other people’s energy. We know when this is happening to us because we feel drained. But what to do?
The solution is simple: Stay positive and continue having FUN, but be SINCERE and RESPONSIBLE.
Here’s an example: People will ask you “how are you?” Not because they really want to know, but because they are stuck in an every-day (false) routine, which demands politeness, but NOT SINCERITY. DON’T GET TRAPED!
Unless you really want to talk (exchange energy) with that person, breakaway by saying something like “it’s a beautiful day, enjoy!” smile and continue with your activity. When people say “do you want to get a drink?” be honest and say NO, unless you really want to get a drink and so forth. Always smile, continue in your have-fun attitude, but be SINCERE and RESPONSIBLE. No need to lie, simply state the TRUTH, the way it is, and always sincerely wish people well. It costs no energy to wish people well.
PS: Now you will understand why I’m always saying “ONLY BEAUTIFUL THINGS” 🙂 🙂 🙂
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone, wherever you are
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