The reality truly is simple:

All POSITIVE emotions arise from LOVE, and all NEGATIVE emotions arise from FEAR.

Here are examples:
 JEALOUSY: It happens when we FEAR that the object of our desire will become the pleasure of someone else.
 FRIENDSHIP: It happens when we consistently LOVE the way somebody makes us feel and this leads to trust.

As Sigmund Freud put it: Everything we do in life is to gain pleasure and to avoid pain. PLEASURE comes from everything we LOVE, while Pain comes from everything we FEAR.

But here’s the really exciting realization:
We are RESPONSE-ABLE beings and this means we have the POWER to respond to emotions of our own FREE WILL 

EMOTIONS happen instinctively. They are our bodies INSTINCTIVE responses to the events taking place in the inner and outer world. However, FEELINGS (our long-term responses) WE can control. Designing our feelings takes a bit of understanding of the World and Who We Truly Are, followed by Responsible Co-Creation of the world we want to see and experience!

RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATION is the central thread of the Unfinished Book series. It signals a new stage in the evolution of human consciousness and shows us how to consistently co-create a world of meaningful reality. 
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