(Blog on…56) WHY 100,000 FB FRIENDS MATTERS!

I see a lot of wrong and unnecessary suffering in the world. The systems we put in place are dysfunctional: competition, education, healthcare, corporatism, law, money, religion, security, politics, justice, racism, nationalism and so on: the list is endless. And yet, when we talk about these systems, we’re actually talking about human beings, the people who created them, operate them, are them. We are talking about ourselves, the conscious (civilized?) human beings.

Internet and subsequently social media have given us a global voice. We may not be free to say or do what we want, but we should always be free to say and do what is RIGHT! Freedom is our highest truth and thus everybody’s truth deserves the right to be heard.

Today we are encouraged to accept authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority. Powerful institutions dictate the laws of our lands, then hide behind them, claiming that the laws they created are the absolute Truth. But this is not so. Behind every authority, every system, are THE PEOPLE, hence the systems are neither the truth nor the problem – WE ARE.

But who are we? I spent my entire life researching this dilemma. In short: we are the highest Truth; we are the meaning of Life; and we are the infinite Potential.

We are born free and equal, yet we are not. Authority manages our money, provides security and showers us with illusory comforts. In exchange we have to surrender our freedom and truth. We have become ponds in a game of chess, busy pursuing endless goals, buying things and paying off loans… But life is not some goal to be achieved; life is a path to be experienced and fulfilled. To fulfill this path we don’t need a revolution – we need evolution: growth in Responsible Co-Creation and awakening to the one original truth, the absolute Truth: HUMANITY.

This is how it works: help me to help you to help me to help you…

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