I have been traveling for the past week and perhaps you’ve noticed I haven’t posted anything. I always have ideas for discussion, but somehow I just didn’t feel right. I wanted to know WHAT was stopping me and quickly concluded I was under STRESS or, to put it simply, I was lacking INNER PEACE.

But what constitutes INNER PEACE? Here’s how I see it:

1. FORGIVENESS: We often call it Acceptance or coming to terms, but on a deeper level we know it as Forgiveness. Mostly, we need to forgive ourselves for not synergizing with the way it is and, subsequently, not being who we truly are. Because when we are not our TRUE SELVES, we are simply out of tune.

2. GRATITUDE: Once we’ve made peace, we still need that secret ingredient: APPRECIATION. And the more we grow in our understanding of the world, the more we understand that gratitude begins with inner truth; being who we truly are. When we’re in sync with inner truth, the world becomes a reflection of this truth.

3. LOVE: When we live in forgiveness and gratitude, LOVE manifests naturally, effortlessly. This is because real love doesn’t require that we do something, go somewhere, acquire something, or become someone. Real love is simply an AWARENESS of the Greater Truth, of THE WAY IT IS and, subsequently, of WHO WE TRULY ARE. It really is so simple, but we complicate it.

Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love are the 3 necessary ingredients of Inner Peace. If you ever feel that you are lacking or falling out of inner peace, simply focus your attention to these 3 qualities, beginning with Acceptance, followed by Appreciation, and your vision will begin to clear 

PS: Have a great Monday, wherever you are.
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