People between the age of 45-65 often tell me they have no real health problems. But that’s exactly the problem! 

After age 35-45 our body starts slowing down and between 45-65, while still feeling great, much of the damage is being done! This damage later manifests as illness and is a cause of unnecessary pain and medical operations.

New research shows that after age 45 we should start introducing major changes to our eating, exercising and supplements routines, in order to compensate for the decline in our metabolism. A big part of the problem is the amount of confusing information on the market, as various parties compete for a financial gain. 

This so-called MID-AGE DECLINE has been the focus of much medical research over the past 15 years, with some very successful break-throughs. However, the pharmaceutical industry is finding it hard to shift from TREATMENT toward PREVENTION and is fighting back with all of its might and power.

Today we have access to the amazing benefits of Metformin, we are learning about the role of NAD+, and the many benefits of autophagy. But one of the most exciting products entering the market is PEPTIDE BIOREGULATORS, which target specific organs/system in the body with a view to re-activate old genes. 

Peptides represent one of the first true longevity products, which not only slows ageing but also has the potential to reverse it. The idea is not to simply add additional 10-20 years to our lives, but to spend the wiser years FREE OF DISEASE and ENJOYING the fruits of our many-years labour.

PS: I’m personally involved with various clinical trials and always happy to share more info if anyone is interested.

PS: Good morning the healthy world, wherever you are.
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