What exactly do I mean? Please allow me to explain. 
Here’s the TRUTH in simple words:

Something LIMITED, like the human MIND, can never grasp something INFINITE, like God. 

Infinity simply makes no sense in our time and space determined world. We can definitively understand only things which have a beginning and the end, but ultimately our every definition remains RELATIVE. 

Religion portrays God as an all-powerful, all-present, all-knowing being, then goes on to claim the complete KNOWING of God and it’s/his/her wishes. But here’s the only sensible conclusion:
 Claiming to KNOW God is a direct and immediate INSULT! 
Consider this:
💂‍♀️Who are we to claim KNOWLEDGE of the infinite power? 
💂‍♀️Who are we to form our OWN INTERPRETATIONS of God’s instructions?
💂‍♀️ Who are we to EDUCATE others about God’s will?
💂‍♀️ Who are we to wilfully DESTROY in the name of God?

Religion just manages to come up with one insult after another and THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!
Why is this so important?

Because, if we can once and for all ACCEPT that in everything we do we are simply trying to DO OUR BEST, but we are ultimately only GUESSING God’s true will. This means we can put all religious disputes aside, worship God in our own individual way, and the world can become a BETTER and more peaceful place for humanity to prosper.

There is only one ultimate religion: HUMANITY.

PS: Choose to be human this Sunday and your religion will empower you and the world.
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