Relationships are crucial for our general well-being and for awakening our true potential. That’s why I’m open-minded, innovative, fearless and practical when it comes to intimate relationships. Why? Because I see far too many people stuck in relationships that simply DON’T WORK and it’s a very sad picture to observe. We made the rules and we can break them.

My FIRST RULE is that Relationship is NOT the most important thing in the world. The most important thing in the world is PERSONAL GROWTH. Think about it! If you’re not growing, then you’re declining. There is no 3rd option. And NO human being deserves to decline! We are built for growth. And relationships are a great opportunity to grow, but you have to find some common ground and explore it together. You need to find some synergy.

So, my SECOND RULE is that if your partner is NOT growing with you, or at least growing in the same DIRECTION, then you probably have the WRONG partner. Again, think about it: It’s just NOT going to work. It’s bad enough seeing people GROWING APART. But stagnation or decline is just too painful to watch. Such a partner will hold you back and make it look like it’s all YOUR FAULT. Keep in mind that later in years we may not always be able to grow physically or even intellectually, but we can always grow emotionally and spiritually.

But my ULTIMATE RULE about happiness is this:
I don’t do things in order to be happy. I AM HAPPY AND THEREFORE I DO THINGS… And there’s so much to do… just living, growing, exploring, learning, enjoying, laughing, trying out new things, being a nuisance hehe, go crazy, experience sadness, investigating the world and who we truly are and so forth… there’s never a dull moment 💃

PS: I’m not saying leave your partners behind. By all means, HELP them find solutions but don’t give up your DREAMS or your POTENTIAL just because someone is NOT on your frequency, or traveling at different SPEED. You can show them the way, but you can’t walk it for them. Most of all, if YOU or your partner are in a relationship because you are AFRAID of being ALONE, then you already lost. 

You have this lifetime to make it work. Don’t throw away this amazing opportunity just to be comfortable or safely stuck in some corner. Reach for your dreams, aim to always ADD VALUE, and you will never have to be afraid or feel guilty about being Who You Truly Are. 
PS2: Have a great Thursday the fearless world and never stop challenging yourself 
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