Money is a necessary tool in our modern society. But that’s all it is: a useful TOOL. 

Put simply, money is a mutually accepted MEASURE of wealth. But it’s NOT WEALTH. In other words, money is related to wealth in the same way that a music player is related to music. The true value comes from MUSIC, not from the music player.

But what is THAT which gives music its true value? What is the quality of the music, that warms our hearts and brings a smile on our faces?

Here’s a simple explanation:
We like to think music takes us places, improves our reality and makes us better people. But that’s just our ignorance and a false interpretation of “the way it is.”

The REAL MAGIC of music rests in the fact, that it puts us in touch with the TRUE SELF. 

When listening to beautiful music we stop thinking and become present in the NOW: right here, right this moment, being WHO WE TRULY ARE. Not doing anything, but simply being.

PS: Good morning the musical world, wherever you are
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