Every morning when I meditate I get meaningful insights into life, reality, the world, and topics I want to include in my writing and general understanding.

When that happens, I just want to get up and run to my PC. 

My desire for improvement and to achieve some goal brings me great PLEASURE. But like every pleasure, which is focused on achieving a particular goal, such desire is accompanied by much anxiety, urgency, and restlessness. This inevitably disturbs my inner peace.

But I am ready for it!  I have learned to remind myself that in everything I do, I must stay focused on my purpose and meaning in life. And so I quickly shift my attention from immediate pleasure to long-term meaning, and the urgency and anxiety disappear and my inner peace returns.

In short, we have been taught to design and find meaning in pleasure, rather than pleasure in meaning, and this is causing us much restlessness. Understand what is being proposed in this post and you will gain a powerful tool to always find inner peace.

PS: Good morning the meaningful world, wherever you are
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