I’d like to dedicate today (and every day) to the people who smile.

You see them passing you by on the street, serving you in some shop or office, and for no particular reason, they carry a smile on their faces. And simply by smiling they bring that something special to our lives without demanding anything in return.

When I was still a very young boy, I knew I wanted to be one of those people: PEOPLE WHO SMILE. And soon I learned that NO reason is needed. Ha!!! I simply needed to be who I truly am. And it works! So, if you’re not one of the smiling people, you should try it.

Of course, where there are smiles and happiness there will be tears and seriousness. We can’t have one without the other, as they are inherently connected. And yet, there is absolutely no need or benefit to being serious! In our actions, we simply need to be RESPONSIBLE and SINCERE. It’s far better to do this with a smile than a serious face.

Also, a smile is always within us, right here, right now! We don’t have to do something, go somewhere or achieve something in order to smile. When we awaken to WHO WE TRULY ARE we begin doing it things the other way around, the right way: WE SMILE AND LIFE HAPPENS AS A RESULT.
In short, smiling is simple, it’s free and everyone can participate. Why? Because smiling is our natural state of being; it’s who we truly are. If we can maintain this understanding throughout our every day, then smiling will happen naturally and the world will be a happier place.

PS: Wishing a great Sunday to all the smiling people, wherever you are 
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